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Welcome to the official website of composer/songwriter Anna-Christina. With an edgy approach to her dramatic, emotional and passionate piano pieces, film, media and meditation music are all part of her catalogue of compositions. Her unorthodox use of the orchestra merged with her alternative Rock roots, makes for compelling compositions that transcend genres.

Anna-Christina is an award-winning storyteller and the founder, author, and narrator of 'Music Audio Stories', an original audiobook company specialising in fun, educational music audiobooks for children.

Current Projects

Nature’s Rainbow

Nature’s Rainbow (Mindfulness Meditation for Teens) album has been designed to nurture and inspire young minds. Created by the author of the Magnificent Me Magnificent You series Dawattie Basdeo, each track nurtures mindfulness of the world around us and explores what we can learn from nature and empowerment of the self.

The music has been specially composed by Anna-Christina and Adie Hardy. Each track has its own flavour that complements and enhances the guided meditations written and performed by Dawattie Basdeo. Unlike other meditation music, the music has been created specifically for each colour of the rainbow, gliding between the ebb and flow of the words to aid the unique listening experience. The music is based upon the resonant note of the Chakras and is designed to connect you with your inner peace. You can purchase the album here Shop. Read album review here Rocking Ur Teens.

Design Your Ship

Anna-Christina worked with Adie Hardy on a 3 track recording for the Founder/Head Trainer at Design Your Ship, Andreea Vasile. The recordings include a 20 minute morning meditation, a 2 minute rampage meditation and an instrumental track. These meditations help you to align to the love force and impress on the subconscious mind beliefs which create Gratitude, Joy and Prosperity. Read Andreea's blog post above about her experience and what it was like working with Anna-Christina.

Anna-Christina has a remarkable personal story to tell. Read about it here Biography.

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