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Anna-Christina - Ballet on the Beach

"I felt it necessary to say to everyone who has been following this blog, how much I have appreciated your support. However, I must tell you that this will be my last blog post for a while. There is a reason for this decision and I know that you will like this..."

Read on here When The Universe Has Other Plans!


Podcast Interview with Anna-Christina here!


Throughout this year, Anna-Christina's picture book, Billy Joins the Circus, has been released on various platforms and in various formats. Now you can order the book from all Bookshops, on all retail and library platforms and get the hardback book on Amazon. Read on here Hardback Book Release.


Join Anna-Christina and Jenika Ioffreda at London Comic Mart. Details here London Comic Mart.


"This year, I have had the privilege of doing Book Signings at some of the largest events and venues in London and last weekend, I headed to another one. Billy Joins the Circus arrived at Olympia London, for the second time this year, at London Film and Comic Con. Honestly, sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe these things are real!" Read on here Billy at Olympia London.


Music Audio Stories make Comic Con history newspaper artlcle

Read about a BIG weekend for Anna-Christina's company, Music Audio Stories, here Comic Con History.


Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories, New Dads feature

"One of London’s top Storytellers, Anna Christina, is not like any other you may have come across. Her career began as a professional Ballet dancer, performing on some of the largest Opera House stages, in front of the Royal Family, she told stories with movement. She then decided to front her own rock band, performing in famous London venues and using her voice to tell stories. Music played a big part in her upbringing and this led her to become a Sound Engineer, Producer and Composer. Soon, she was telling stories through music." Read this feature on Storytime with Anna Christina at MCM London Comic Con here Magical Musical Storytelling Inspiring Children To Follow Their Dreams.


Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories, Chiswick Magazine interview

"One thing I didn't think of when I started to produce children's products was the fact that I would have to sell them. Sales! Another fun-filled world to learn about and not just online sales. Selling in person is not for the fainthearted! I was thrown in at the deep end a few years ago and it was a tough learning curve for me. There are sales techniques that help and are worth learning but one of the best lessons I have learned over the years from running stalls is to simply have fun! Never put pressure on yourself to sell. It doesn't help! Just relax and enjoy telling people about the things you have created and leave expectations at home. Don't take lack of sales personally and always be prepared for the unexpected!"



Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories

"Anna Christina's journey to becoming a children's author has been unexpected. The story behind the stories began in audio production. Anna Christina was studying Music and Sound Technology at the time when she wrote her first Music Audio Story as an assignment. Her tutor spotted her natural flair for strong-themed storytelling, both in writing and in music, and was adamant that Anna Christina should be doing this for a living. Anna Christina was on track to becoming a film composer but the Universe had other ideas for her." Read on here Chiswick Magazine.


Anna-Christina headed to the Hidden River Festival with her new children's picture book, Billy Joins the Circus, for Book Signing, Storytime and the Music Audio Stories stall. Click here Hidden River Festival Fun.


100 videos later and the Music Audio Stories YouTube channel is still going! My 100th YouTube Video.


Not for the first time this year, Storytime with Anna Christina has sold out! Check this out Chiswick Book Festival Storytime Sold Out.


Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories, unboxing picture books

"If you follow me on social media, you already know that throughout August I have been posting YouTube Shorts about the day I unboxed my picture books! The delivery of my first 200 books was truly a momentous day and I'm so glad I took the time to record this moment. The Music Audio Stories Studio is full of boxes! Boxes of picture books, envelopes, CDS, booklets, gift cards and rolls of customised wrapping paper. Seeing as there is currently no recording going on at the studio, it really is beginning to resemble a warehouse!" Read on here Unboxing.


"Ok, so normally, I would be using this time writing this blog post to tell you about my next Music Audio Stories event and I will, but first I want to write about something else. Quickly!" Read on below.

NEW BLOG POST! Here and There, This and That


Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories, at London Film and Comic Con

"Woohoooo! The surprises keep on coming. I've got another BIG announcement! I'm brimming with excitement to tell you that my third book signing event will be at this year's London Film & Comic Con! The event has around 100,000 attendees over three days and takes up the whole of London Olympia. I am thrilled to have been invited to do a book signing with my illustrator, Jenika Ioffreda." Find out more below.

NEW BLOG POST! London Film and Comic Con


Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories, at MCM London Comic Con

"Wow! This word pretty much sums up my time at MCM London Comic Con. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I've been to a convention before but this was the first time I was there as an exhibitor and it was quite an experience." Anna-Christina takes you behind the scenes at MCM in her latest blog post below.

NEW BLOG POST! MCM London Comic Con


Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories, book signing events - MCM London Comic Con and London Film & Comic Con

"I can hardly believe this is happening and how lucky I am to announce my first-ever book signing is at one of the largest events in the UK! MCM London Comic Con! It's back from 27th to 29th May at ExCel London. It's the biggest convention of this kind in the UK, with about 130000 visitors in three days and I am going to be there with my illustrator, Jenika Ioffreda, signing copies of my new picture book, Billy Joins the Circus." Continue reading Anna-Christina's blog post below.

NEW BLOG POST! Epic Book Signing Events


Anna-Christina radio interview on Funky Kids Radio - National Artist of the Year award winner

Catch Anna-Christina's radio interview on Funky Kids Radio this weekend and check out her blog post here On Radio This Weekend.


Quick news update from Anna-Christina including info on her live radio interview this Sunday and Music Audio Stories Storytime events beginning next week here Live Radio Interview.


Anna-Christina - Behind The Scenes at Music Audio Stories - Product Photography

Anna-Christina has been documenting her step-by-step process of Product Photography. Read her latest blog post and watch her short YouTube videos here Behind The Scenes.


This month, follow the trials and tribulations of Product Photography with Anna Christina!


Anna-Christina at Music Audio Stories wins the National Artist of the Year Award

Anna Christina wins the People's Choice National Artist of the Year - Europe 2021! Read about it here National Artist of the Year Winner!


YouTuber Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories - Februray videos image

This month, Anna-Christina is releasing a series of fun videos on YouTube about the day she signed her first copies of her new children's picture book, Billy Joins the Circus. 'The Making of a Picture Book' playlist is going to be updated with a picture video, a fun live book signing, a behind the scenes 'Test Shoot' video and a couple of other fun short videos, all set to the music audiobook's soundtrack.

The Making of a Picture Book Playlist


Anna-Christina with her First Edition children's picture book, Billy Joins the Circus

"If you would have asked me a few years ago where I would be in my life today, I would never have guessed that I am where I am right now! My life has transformed beyond recognition and I am so grateful that the Universe turned my path, quite dramatically, a few years ago! Everything that has happened to me over the last few years has definitely been for my highest good and it feels amazing to be the master of my own ship! I feel so blessed to find myself surrounded by the best, talented, loving and supportive people I could have ever asked for to accompany me on this unpredictable and amazing journey that is my business, Music Audio Stories!" Continue reading Anna-Christina's blog post below.

NEW BLOG POST! A Dream Come True!


Anna-Christina at Music Audio Stories nominated for the Funky Kids Radio Global Artist of the Year Award

Anna Christina has been nominated for the Funky Kids Radio Global Artist of the Year Award! Find out more here Global Artist of the Year.