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Anna-Christina has released a solo acoustic Garbage cover song! Find out more here Christmas Treat!


Anna-Christina's Christmas music audiobook is out now! Available to download from Amazon and iTunes.

Christmas Magic


Anna-Christina has been invited to perform at this year's fifth edition of the Renaissance Alternative Music Festival held on the 6th of December.


Anna-Christina will be performing a headlining solo acoustic show tonight at the AlleyCat Bar in Tottenham Court Road at 10.30pm! Details can be found below.

Facebook Event Page


Anna-Christina's fifth audiobook is out now! Available to download from Amazon and iTunes.

Litter Bugs!


Writing new songs, compositions and stories, read Anna-Christina's News Update!


Anna-Christina is now part of Zeff Music, a licensing company that provide pre cleared music for TV and film. Anna-Christina is also listed on the 'Composers' page. Lilygun is also a featured artist and a clip of the band's video sample for the song 'Moonlight' can be found on the website.


An interview by A Blue Million Books with Anna-Christina includes how Music Audio Stories are made and how actors are selected for their roles.


Anna-Christina announces a solo acoustic gig! Join the event below.

Facebook Event Page


Anna-Christina talks about being an author and where she finds her inspiration for writing her stories and more in an interview with Destiny's Book Dig Up.


Today, Anna-Christina did her first ever Storytime!


Read about Anna-Christina's Bass debut and her plans to record her solo acoustic songs below.

NEW BLOG POST! Juggling!