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"One of London’s top Storytellers, Anna Christina, is not like any other you may have come across. Her career began as a professional Ballet dancer, performing on some of the largest Opera House stages, in front of the Royal Family, she told stories with movement. She then decided to front her own rock band, performing in famous London venues and using her voice to tell stories. Music played a big part in her upbringing and this led her to become a Sound Engineer, Producer and Composer. Soon, she was telling stories through music." Read on below.

Magical Musical Storytelling Inspiring Children To Follow Their Dreams

"Anna Christina's journey to becoming a children's author has been unexpected. The story behind the stories began in audio production. Anna Christina was studying Music and Sound Technology at the time when she wrote her first Music Audio Story as an assignment. Her tutor spotted her natural flair for strong-themed storytelling, both in writing and in music, and was adamant that Anna Christina should be doing this for a living. Anna Christina was on track to becoming a film composer but the Universe had other ideas for her." Her Storytime at Chiswick Book Festival sold out in a week! Read on below.

Chiswick Magazine

"To begin with, my work is my passion. There’s nothing greater than finding your life’s purpose, and then having the opportunity to make that your work. Music is mine. I’m so grateful I get to use my talents and skills to make a difference and bring happiness wherever I can. I love to compose music for others and see their vision come to light. I love to create music audiobooks for children and see their happy faces when they hear the stories and I love to entertain people as a musician."

Interviewed by Peter de Kuster for his online Passion Never Retires guide, Anna-Christina is now part of a worldwide project of stories about people who have created a life and work they love and never want to retire from. Anna-Christina talks about work, her greatest extravagance, favourite writers and authors and trivia in this fun interview.

Passion Never Retires

Anna-Christina performed a special live acoustic set on K2K Radio and talked about Lilygun's new album, Strength & Grace. This was the first live performance from Anna-Christina on radio. Her set was made up of songs from the new Lilygun album, her acoustic EP, Pretty Little Lady? and a Garbage cover song.

BLOG POST! Live Performance and Interview on Radio

Anna-Christina and Dawattie Basdeo were interviewed live on BEN TV Breakfast Show. The two authors spoke about their latest project together Nature's Rainbow Mindfulness Meditations for Teens album.

BLOG POST! My TV Appearance

Global Woman Magazine has published a two-page interview with Anna-Christina. She reveals why she chose music over ballet, her role models, the pressure of being a woman in the music industry and how she overcame illness.

Global Woman Magazine

Anna-Christina has a two-page feature interview in Fab UK Magazine! This classy fashion magazine brings you current, up-to-date fashions, alongside throw-back influences with a modern-day twist. It shares inspirational insight into the amazing lives and journeys of artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, musicians, designers; what drives them, how they attained their goals. Get the magazine and read her interview below.

Fab UK Magazine Issue 3

A short interview with Anna-Christina at the Global Woman Magazine's Business Networking Breakfast.

Business Networking Breakfast

Anna-Christina talks about being an author and where she finds inspiration for writing her audiobooks.

Destiny's Book Dig Up Interview

This interview includes how Music Audio Stories are made and how actors are selected for their roles.

A Blue Million Books Interview

New Dads Storytime with Anna Christina Feature

Anna-Christina Chiswick Magazine interview

Anna-Christina Passion Never Retires interview

Anna-Christina live performance and interview on radio banner

Composer Anna-Christina being interviewed live on BEN TV Breakfast Show

Global Woman Magazine interview with Anna-Christina  - Children's Audio Book Author/Creator, TV/Film/Media Composer, Musician, Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Fab UK Magazine feature on Anna-Christina - Children's Audio Book Author/Creator, TV/Film/Media Composer, Musician, Business Owner/Entrepreneur