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Design Your Ship


Design Your Ship Meditations - Released 2018


20 Minute Morning Meditation - Released May 2018

Rampage - Released May 2018

The Moment You Realize - Released May 2018

These meditations help you to align to the love force and impress on the subconscious mind beliefs which create Gratitude, Joy and Prosperity. Created by Founder/Head Trainer at Design Your Ship, Andreea Vasile, her meditation package includes: a 20 minute morning meditation, a 2 minute rampage meditation and an instrumental track.

Design Your Ship

Nature’s Rainbow


Nature's Rainbow - Released 2017 Symphonic Distribution


Red – Rose - Released April 2017

Orange – Orange - Released May 2017

Yellow – Sunshine - Released May 2017

Green – Grass - Released May 2017

Blue – Blue Lagoon - Released May 2017

Indigo – Night Sky - Released May 2017

Violet – Lotus Flower - Released May 2017

Nature’s Rainbow (Mindfulness Meditation for Teens) album has been designed to nurture and inspire young minds. Created by the author of the Magnificent Me Magnificent You series Dawattie Basdeo, each track nurtures mindfulness of the world around us and explores what we can learn from nature and empowerment of the self.

The music was specially composed by Anna-Christina. Each track has its own flavour that complements and enhances the guided meditations written and performed by Dawattie Basdeo. Unlike other meditational music, the music has been created specifically for each colour of the rainbow, gliding between the ebb and flow of the words to aid the unique listening experience. The music is based upon the resonant note of the Chakras and is designed to connect you with your inner peace.

Nature’s Rainbow



Strength & Grace - Released 2017 A Line Records

Lilygun - Released 2012 Cargo Records


Peace of Mind - Self-Released 2010


What Goes Around - Released 2017 A Line Records

Inside - Released 2016 A Line Records

Moonlight - Released 2012 Zeff Music

Scum - Released 2012 Zeff Music

My Ways - Self-Released 2010

Peace of Mind - Self-Released 2010

Conversations - Self-Released 2009

Diamonds - Self-Released 2008

Anna-Christina is the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist of the Rock band Lilygun. Her unusual combination of classical roots mixed with dark aggression has resulted in an uncompromising and unpredictable Rock that has an edge to it and has been described as "a shower of bullets and petals". Lilygun's critically acclaimed debut album was released in 2012. The band's second album is out now.

O Gallery London

O Gallery Track One - Composed by Anna-Christina 2016

Anna-Christina composed the original music for O Gallery London's Soft Launch and Private Exhibition in May 2016 at The Groucho Private Members Club. Olumide Gallery was established by some of the most inimitable contemporary artists of our time. The heart of their philosophy is to champion and represent the finest unique talent in the art industry.

Solo Acoustic Recordings


Pretty Little Lady? - Released 2015 A Line Records


Resolution - Released May 2015

Little Boy Blue - Released May 2015

What Goes Around - Released May 2015

One Man's Trash - Released May 2015

Dirty Rotten Liars - Released May 2015

Pretty Little Lady? - Released May 2015

Fix Me Now - Released 2014 (Acoustic Garbage Cover)

Anna-Christina's spin-off project from her band Lilygun. Solo acoustic music with an edge and "not for the faint-hearted", Anna-Christina performed a series of these intimate gigs in and around London throughout 2013/2014. This collection of songs, released in 2015, were part of her first acoustic EP called Pretty Little Lady?. The music video for the Single 'Little Boy Blue' was directed by Jordan KK and released on Halloween Night 2015.

Other Band Recordings


Vampire Deluxe - Released 2021

Black Magic & True Love - Released 2020

Birthday Suite - Live Recording - Released 2015

Lupa - Released 2011


David Ryder Prangley (Bass & Vocals)

David Ryder Prangley (Bass & Vocals)

The Witches (Bass & Vocals)

Boy of The Afterthought (Vocals)

Music Audio Stories

Bugs Workout - Music Audio Stories 2020

Bookworms - Music Audio Stories 2020

Rock'n'Roll Bug Band - Music Audio Stories 2019

The Happy Lion Family - Music Audio Stories 2019

Easter Egg Hunt - Music Audio Stories 2018

Nellie Goes To The Royal Albert Hall - Music Audio Stories 2017

Goodnight Sleep Tight - Music Audio Stories 2017

Dylan and Bobby - Music Audio Stories 2017

Billy Joins the Circus - Music Audio Stories 2016

Weird & Wonderful - Music Audio Stories 2015

Christmas Magic - Music Audio Stories 2014

Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure - Music Audio Stories 2014

Litter Bugs - Music Audio Stories 2014

The Big Apple - Music Audio Stories 2013

Jimi & his friend Joe - Music Audio Stories 2013

Johnny No Cash - Music Audio Stories 2013

Chris the Caterpillar - Music Audio Stories 2013

March of The Ants - Music Audio Stories 2013

Anna-Christina is the author, narrator, creator, and owner of 'Music Audio Stories', an original company specialising in fun entertaining music audiobooks and unique storytelling for children. These original children's music audiobooks make learning easy and fun. One of the things that makes the audio stories special from others you may have heard, is the strong themed original classical music behind the narration.