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News 2020


Anna-Christina filming Music Audio Stories videos
When a hobby turns into a business... Read Anna-Christina's latest news in her blog post here Launched!


Anna-Christina working on Music Audio Stories ideas
Anna-Christina has announced that next month, her company Music Audio Stories will be launching a brand new website, and launching a set of audiobooks to go with the vibrant, fun new look! Read about it in her latest blog post Exciting News!


Anna-Christina rehearsing
This month, Anna-Christina will be back on Bass and back on stage performing live with David Ryder Prangley! Find out more about the show and other news in her latest blog post here March On.


Mr David Ryder Prangley's album 'Black Magic & True Love' is out today! I'm so proud to be part of such a fantastic record with so many other talented musicians. Working with these guys is amazing! Check out the album here Black Magic & True Love. ♥ Anna-Christina